what physics can teach about marketing

TED talk by Dan Cobley Summary: a=F/m  (Anderson launched Accenture; Hoover is more than vacuum cleaner; why P&G keeps separate brands). Δx Δh ≥ 1/2 (McDonalds sells millions, while mothers talk about healthy life to their kids). You cannot prove a hypothesis through observation, you can only disprove it (scientific method) – BP spent millions … Continue reading what physics can teach about marketing

Some eponymies in science

In history, it is rare that scientist achieve notoriety and fame during their lifetimes. If they nonetheless do, they get credit and lasting recognition by having a scientific discovery named after them. However, there happen to be wrong naming attributions. Indeed, naming disputes are so common that there is even a rule of thumb called … Continue reading Some eponymies in science

The first PDA: case Apple Newton

This story is about the precursor of modern PDAs. The Newton project was not originally intended to produce a personal digital assistant (PDA). The PDA category did not exist for most of Newton's genesis (however earlier devices like the Psion Organiser and Sharp Wizard had the functionality to be considered PDAs), and the “personal digital … Continue reading The first PDA: case Apple Newton