10 reasons why socrates is still relevant today

Leaders in Europe and America have to take out dusty books of philosophy and check why Socrates and his ideas are still valid today: They’ve Never Been Rendered Obsolete He Taught Us to Question Everything He Taught Us That Life is Worthless Without Happiness He Taught Us to Ask if There’s Such a Thing as a Just War … Continue reading 10 reasons why socrates is still relevant today

How religiousness affects economic development

In 2007, I was writing an essay I submitted for St Gallen university’s prestigious annual symposium. Instead of conventional and well-trodden topics such as leadership/entrepreneurship, I vied to seek out correlations between a nation’s religiousness, leadership, availability of natural resources and economic development. Based on extensive research of modern Norway, KSA, Hittites and post-Gutenberg Europe, … Continue reading How religiousness affects economic development