Failures and breakthroughs – exposed, reflected, considered

what bee hives and ants can teach about democracy and common good

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When spring comes, bee hives divide into two, one group staying in, the other looking for new home. It’s not the queen assigning “home-searching scouts” but older bees. Scouts fly off looking for places and announce their finds by special dance moves, describing routes to their finds – more dancing for better spots.

Similarly for ants. A leaderless, self-directing society that expands democratically and which communicates/transmits messages using pheromone.

Our politicians/businessmen  can learn from bees/ants/…:

  • Don’t be die-hard/fanatic about your choices/finds
  • Focus on your responsibilities
  • Forget politics
  • Listen to/consider your peers
  • Let bygones be bygones

Written by Hayk

August 25, 2011 at 6:09 am

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